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Prodigy ACE Top

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29,00 EUR
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Das sagt Prodigy über das ACE Top:
"Insight Meets Innovation, Welcome Ace. Collaborating with elite disc golfers, we have gained authentic insight into the physical and mental demands of the sport. ACE is a concept that focuses on “free swinging motion”, built to the technical needs of disc golfers to enhance comfort and performance.
GLIDE Technology on back panel and arm gussets allows for natural reach, 360° motion & superior breathability.
Lightweight, moisture wicking fabric helps keep you dry
Athletic fit & style blends comfort, performance and stylishness."

Das sagt Supreme Discgolf über das ACE Top:
"Bunt. Bequem. Atmungsaktiv. Leicht. Eine super Shirt für Turnier- oder Spaßrunden."

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