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DDx S-Line

ca. 3-4 Tage ca. 3-4 Tage (Ausland abweichend)

15,50 EUR
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Das sagt Discmania über die DDx:

"The DDx is a speed 12 distance driver. It is designed to cover the go-to distance driver needs from advanced level all the way to the Pro players. Those with a lot of arm speed can shape just about any line with this disc. For those who can reach distances above 100 meters, the DDx is a sweet hyzerflip machine. With a slight hyzerflip line you’ll get the best distance potential out of this disc while still remaining on a fairly narrow line for a 12-speed disc.

Probably the best feature about the DDx is its enormous gilde that carries it through the air even on low speeds. Slight high speed turn combined with a forward-penetrating fade make this disc a combination you don’t want to miss!"

Das sagt Supreme Discgolf über die DDx:
"Die DDx ist ein sehr geradliniger, schneller Driver. Sehr geradlinig, fliegt sie fast schon wie ein Fairwaydriver, nur viel länger. Schöne, lange Hyzerflips oder Touch-Shots im Wald aber auch langgezogene S-Kurven - aller kein Problem."

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